It’s Showtime!… Plus Paramount – Inside SCOPE

This past week, Paramount+ and Showtime potentially elevated their respective brands, combining powers and merging content, by making both services available all in one app. Now, Paramount+ can be upgraded to offer Showtime all within the same app, adding convenience and additional access, while updating and opening your streaming service. Paramount+ and Showtime will[Read More…]

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Jesse Katz on the Collaboration with Triller and Reminisces About Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. – RELOADED

Roots of Fight and sowed connections with Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Roots of Fight President Jesse Katz recently spoke with Kirk Jackson, providing insight to the highly anticipated bout between legendary Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Katz also expanded on the collaboration with Triller, origins of Root[Read More…]

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The Sports Immortal, Collectable Collaboration and the Special Connection with Sports – RELOADED

Kirk Jackson sat down with Ezra Levine, CEO of Collectable, and Jim Platt, President of Sports Immortals to discuss their collaboration, as well as the origins of their respective ventures. Also in the discussion are the goals and purpose of this association, along with the importance of the highly coveted,[Read More…]

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